Wine Without Compromise

Kimberley Anne Hotel Luxury Accommodation

Introducing Le Verre de Vin − the new way to enjoy wine by the glass. 

It’s a well-known dilemma. You’re out to dinner with a group of friends, and it’s time to order wine for the table. You’re partial to merlot, but others would prefer a crisp sauvignon blanc or a fruity rosé. What to do?

At Kimberly Anne Hotel, we have introduced an innovative solution that allows guests to order any wine they desire by the glass. This is made possible by an award-winning wine preservation process known as Le Verre de Vinne. It works by vacuuming a precise amount of oxygen from the open bottle to prevent the wine from oxidising, thus maintaining its freshness and flavour. In this way, a bottle of wine can be perfectly resealed as if the cork had never been removed at all!

Diners can now enjoy a wide selection of wine at their own discretion, ordering as many or as few glasses as they like. Not only does this offer the freedom of choice, it also allows you to pair different wines over the course of your meal. Ordering wine by the glass is also a more affordable option than buying an entire bottle.

Make a reservation today and savour our extensive collection of fine wines for every palate.